Sourdough and a Healthy Mouth

Did you know that sourdough and healthy teeth are connected?

Who doesn't love bread?  Whether we dip it in soup, pair it with a pasta, or have a slice for a sandwich, for most of us bread is a staple in our homes!  But did you know that grain is high in phytic acid? 
Phytic acid, or phytate, is the main form of storage for phosphorus in plants and prevents the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium.   For this reason, it is considered an anti-nutrient.  
You're losing me.
Over time, phytic acid can deplete your body of minerals, and can lead to demineralization of your teeth!
That changes things. 

Yes, it does!  But we can still enjoy one of our favorite foods!  
Whew! I was getting nervous.
The fermentation process, such as when making sourdough, breaks down and deactivates almost all of the phytic acid in wheat.  
So if you love bread but want to make sure to keep your teeth healthy, opt for homemade sourdough with a long fermentation time!  
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