Wonder started because we knew that cavities, gum disease and oral issues weren't supposed to be common for kids or adults. We knew there had to be a better way. We are here to make healthy smiles normal again... one step at a time.

Why Wonder?

At Wonder, we love curiosity. Especially when it has to do with our health. At Wonder, we love to challenge the "norm" and question what is common. Let's make zero cavities, healthy gums, and thriving mouths the new normal.

Why Natural?

We believe that healthy smiles start with the cleanest ingredients nature provides. We search the world for the best ingredients to bring you holistic oral wellness products that are amazingly effective and completely toxic-free.

Why Eco-Friendly?

With every product and every packaging option, we do our very best to source only eco-friendly options. Our jars are reusable, our refill bags are compostable, and our shipping material is made from 100% recycled material and is recyclable when you are done with it.

"The mouth is one of the best measures of how well our immune system is working."

- Dr. Steven Lin

Our Founder

Lauren has always been proactive about her health, but after pregnancy she found herself in a chronic string of cavities. She knew her body was saying something and started to question if she could truly be healthy when her mouth was in such poor condition.

This led to her researching and diving deep into the world of holistic oral health. For the last 7 years she's helped many adults and children get back healthy smiles through education of how important the mouth truly is and by creating products made to help the mouth thrive.