3 Reasons to Love Tooth Powder

Do your teeth have stains? How about the occasional cavity? Or what about sensitivity to hot or cold? So many of us deal with at least one if not all of these issues. Oral health is a big deal that we often take for granted. We don’t think too much about our teeth until they cause us problems and what we don’t realize is how tied they are to our overall health. Our teeth are often a great picture about what is going on in our bodies.

There are many ways we can support our teeth including diet, but today let’s chat about a fairly easy and very budget friendly way to help your teeth out: tooth powder. Sure, there are tons of options out there for toothpaste so why switch to tooth powder? Here are a few great reasons why it’s worth trying it out…


1 | Tooth powder really cleans!

You only have to use tooth powder once to realize how effectively it cleans your teeth compared to toothpaste. The very gentle abrasiveness of tooth powder gets off much more plaque and build up than normal toothpaste. They feel much more smooth, shiny, and clean compared to when you use paste.


2 | Tooth powder remineralizes!

The ingredients in our tooth powder are specifically for remineralizing and supporting your teeth. You don’t have to use harsh and toxic chemicals that are in remineralizing toothpaste. Instead, you can use ingredients that are natural and truly toxic-free to help remineralize your teeth.


3 | Goodbye stains!

Again, because of the gently abrasiveness of the tooth powder, it easily takes off surface stains making your teeth whiter.



There are so many more benefits and we receive messages every day from customers who can’t believe how much healthier their teeth are after using our Remineralizing Tooth Powder. Even their dentists are commenting on how well their teeth look! It can be an adjustment to make the switch from a paste to a powder since most of us are lifelong toothpaste users. But we promise it’s worth it! Once you make the switch, you won’t want to go back!

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