Dental Myths: Fact or Fake?

We've all been given dental advice at some point in our lives.  Most of us have found ourselves blindly following along just trying to do the best we can.  It's hard to know what to believe!  We've done the research for you (but it never hurts to do your own to be sure).  
Here are 4 myths that we have heard about dental health: DEBUNKED!


Fluoride is definitely good for you.

Fluoride is considered a neurotoxin, and has been linked to various neurologic disorders, especially in children. Additionally, the studies about fluoride and its efficacy in preventing cavities are questionable. 


Root canals will fix and save the tooth.

Root canals only mummify a tooth, and are often over prescribed.  There is a time when root canals are effective and necessary, but they can often be avoided.  They never “save” the tooth, but only preserve it and often at a risk to your general health.


Your toddler's cavities are from extended breast-feeding.

Studies have not shown a definitive link between prolonged breastfeeding and cavities.  On-demand feeding once teeth erupt can cause a lower pH which can lead to demineralization of the teeth; however, breastmilk itself is not cariogenic (cavity-causing).  Conversely, breastfeeding has many oral health benefits such as improving the oral microbiome and enhancing jaw and palate structure.  


Your inflamed gums are from not flossing enough.

Gum inflammation can be from infrequent or ineffective flossing habits, but there are many other contributing factors!  Your swollen gums can also be from poor diet, high stress, pregnancy, hormone changes, weakened immunity, or genetics.  
What are some other things you used to believe were true about oral health but now you are questioning? We'd love to hear from you!  
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