Coffee and Oral Health

There is nothing quite like it.  The sound of the drip.  The aroma as it wafts throughout your home.  The feel of the warm mug in your chilled hands.  
Many of us can't go without it in the morning.  Some of us can't make it throughout the afternoon without another cup.  It's a non-negotiable staple for nearly everyone you meet.  Unfortunately, this popular habit can take it's toll on your teeth!  First, it can stain the surface of your teeth.  Second, it can wear down your enamel due to its acidic nature.  
We don't want stained, decaying teeth, but we have to have our coffee, right?!  Here are 2 tips to help protect your pearly whites, and still enjoy your favorite morning beverage:
  1. Drink your coffee in one sitting, and rinse your mouth with water when you are finished.  This helps wash away the acidic coffee still coating your teeth.
  2. Switch to a remineralizing tooth powder to help remove the stains without harmful chemicals found in most teeth whitening products.
So, yes!  By all means, still have your morning coffee!  Make these 2 small changes to help your teeth look and feel better even after drinking it!
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