7 Tips for Raising Kids with Healthy Teeth

This is a significant understatement, but we LOVE our kids!  We can't protect them from everything, it's true.  And yet, why wouldn't we try to help them in every way we possibly can?  The more we learn about oral wellness, the more we are convinced that the mouth is often the overlooked origin of so many problems that our kids face!  
Here are a few, quick tips to help give your kids a solid foundation for lifelong oral health!

1.  Diet

It isn't just about limiting sugar.  Limit frequent snacking and promote bigger meals to minimize food sitting on the teeth and reduce risk of cavities.

2.  Nasal breathing

Help your baby by gently closing their mouth while they sleep.  Encourage your bigger kids to keep their mouth closed while they play or do homework.  It really is that important!

3.  See a dentist

See a dentist 2-4 times a year for professional cleaning and to monitor your child's changing mouth.

4.  Help them brush

Toddlers and younger kids are not able to brush effectively.  Adults needs to make sure this is done properly.  You can also encourage your older kids and teenagers to brush for a full 2 minutes.

5.  Limit use of pacifier

Pacifier use can lead to a narrow palate, poor tongue posture, and an impaired airway.  It is recommended to wean from a pacifier by 6 months.  Avoid use of a pacifier if possible.

6.  Remineralize

Primary (baby) teeth have thinner enamel than permanent teeth which predispose them to cavities.  Be sure to use a remineralizing tooth powder to add minerals back into their teeth and reduce their risk of cavities.

7. Find a professional

Find an airway orthodontist, ENT, or myofunctional therapist as early as possible to address underlying causes for anything from a tongue tie, narrow palate, or even prolonged bed-wetting. It can all be connected!
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