Are Cavities Permanent?: Lauren's Story


How about discoloration on your teeth? What about sensitivity to hot or cold foods? Almost all of us can answer yes to at least one of those! For many of us, having regular dental work done has been a part of our life. We visit the dentist, get x-rays, have our teeth cleaned, and then usually the dentist finds some work that needs to be done: a filling, crown or even some more intense procedures.

After my pregnancies, my teeth were a mess. I still don’t completely understand why pregnancy did my teeth in, but it did. I’m learning that there are a lot of other moms out there with the same issue. My teeth were wiggly, see through, and very unhealthy looking. Before having kids, I had had one cavity in my entire life. After baby #2, I had 9 cavities I had filled. After baby #3, I had 14 cavities that needed filling. Overall, it was thousands and thousands of dollars of dental work I had to have done.

After baby #3, I decided not to get the cavities immediately filled. I spent some time researching if you could heal cavities naturally or somehow reverse tooth decay. I knew our bodies healed bones, so why not teeth?

I came across a lot of amazing information. Yes, you can reverse cavities. Yes, you can reverse tooth decay. When I found that out, I did everything I could to help my teeth out. I’m a huge advocate of supporting my body as naturally as I possibly can, and now I was simply starting to include my teeth in that journey as well. I made some major changes to my diet, started oil pulling, and began making my own remineralizing tooth powder.


Within a week, my teeth no longer wiggled, and the color was returning to them. They were no longer sensitive to hot and cold foods. I spent four months doing a pretty strict diet, oil pulling, and using the tooth powder. Although I didn’t completely reverse my decay, I did stop it from getting worse, and there was some improvement in some of the decay.

Recently, I began making and selling remineralizing tooth powder. The emails, messages, and phone calls I’ve gotten from people have been astounding. They have all had the same experience I did. Within one week they noticed a complete difference in their teeth, and this was without even changing their diet. Almost everyone I have talked to has seen the color come back in their teeth, they feel cleaner than they ever have before, and they aren’t as sensitive to cold and hot foods.

Tooth powder does take a little getting used to since we’ve spent most of our lives using toothpaste which froths and foams a little in our mouths. Tooth powder is more dry. I dip my dry toothbrush into the powder, run a small amount of water over it, and then brush as normal. You will immediately be able to feel a difference in how clean your teeth are, and after a week or two, it will feel very normal to use powder instead of paste..

If you have tooth decay or any other issues with your teeth, here’s where I recommend you start…

  1. Use our tooth powder and brush with it twice daily.
  2. Begin oil pulling twice a day for 5-10 minutes. I like to use organic coconut oil.
  3. Read up on healing your teeth naturally through diet changes. Weston Price Foundation has some amazing information, and the book “Heal Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagal is wonderful resource as well.


You can make changes and see a huge difference in how healthy your teeth are. Some changes are more time consuming than others, but start with the tooth powder. It doesn’t add any time or work to your daily routine, it is just making a simple swap. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Here’s to healthy teeth!

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