Top 3 Reasons to Tongue Scrape

Many of us brush our teeth daily and don't give our tongue a second thought, but our tongue is so powerful!  This random-shaped muscle between our teeth is the most mobile in our entire body, and even has the added ability of tasting the food that touches it.  It truly is remarkable!
As food and air hit our tongue, though, it can begin to accumulate added microorganisms.  These bacteria continue to feed on the food residue and multiply which causes an odor and changes the microbiome in the mouth.  Taste buds are impaired, and digestion is impacted as well!
Here are our top 3 reasons to use a Tongue Scraper!
Tongue scraping removes 30% more microorganisms than brushing the tongue alone.
Eliminating the odor-causing bacteria and balancing the microbiome will actually improve your breath!


It allows the taste buds to have better contact with the food we eat making meals much more enjoyable!
If you haven't tried our stainless steel Tongue Cleaner yet, we can't recommend it enough! No one on our Wonder team tongue scraped until this year and now we are all addicted to it. We knew we'd like it, but we have all surprised ourselves saying we definitely can't skip doing it now! We love the benefits but especially the fresh breath!
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